Restaurant and grocery food and service distributor

As Coavalon, we offer professional solutions to all the needs of our business partners in 3 main categories: “Grocery Food Products”, “Restaurant Food and Service Products”, “Restaurant Cleaning Products”. In addition to our wide product portfolio, we are proud of being the solution partner of businesses both before and after sales by providing free audit and consultancy services.

We measure professionalism by the respect, and commitment of our employees to their work. Confidence also comes with the reflection of this professionalism in every area of ​​our business. We believe that if you start a new day with the same sense of ressponsibility and ensure continuity, you will get a lot in
return for your effort. That’s why businesses that host thousands of guests a day need professionals they can trust with their eyes closed. As Coavalon, we offer professional solutions to all the needs of our business partners. We are proud to be the solution partner of hundreds of businesses both before and
after sales. Together with our dedicated employees, we add our experience to your experience. We never sacrifice our quality, and we always continue to improve ourselves. We undertake the satisfaction and happiness of everyone, not only the primary user but also the end user. We never give up on perfection, we strive to have a share in the smile on the faces of everyone we can reach. We add our professionalism to the solutions we offer, knowing that our products also bring benefits to the businesses they reach.


As a policy, we prefer meeting our clients face
to face so we can get to know them and their needs better. This way we can
always give them better options and deals for their needs. Once we get to know
your needs, we guarantee we will get your supplies at least % 5 off the price
you buy